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Hyper Counter .com - FREE ADULT COUNTER will help you to optimise your traffic to make MORE Sign-Ups using advanced Views/Uniques/Returns, Referrers, SearchEngines and SystemInfos analysis! Our adult counter is SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO COUNT ADULT SITES. Main benefit is, that this adult counter, the Hyper Counter, is completely FREE OF CHARGE! Sign-Up to Hyper Counter our free counter and monitoring of every hits on ALL YOUR SITEs and DOMAINs will be VERY EASY, clear and effective.
Totally counted 193724783 hits on the 1189 accounts. In our adult counter ALL STATISTICs RUNNING REAL-TIME!!!

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12. 1. 2011

I'm MIGRATING Hypercounter to the new hosting (when DNS changing 12. 1. some stats may be losted) I got on the new hosting Xeon CPU, good support, and all that funny stuffs :) for a simply amazing low price. If you see this message, you are already on the NEW server. Have a nice day! Jaromir

13. 1. 2011

Migration done I'm on the new hosting :) I must change some php.ini values, but it working great. A new hosting is very cheap and support (Chaya and Ken, hi guys) are simply amazing I talked with this guys at least for two hours and they helped me with all my configurations!

This is the my new hosting :), TRY THEM, good support simply rock! wooohooo:

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Features of our FREE counter:

• Our service Is completely FREE of charge!!!
As the compensation we will only display small banner (banner content depending on the type (niche) of the your site) and the small textlink to the Hyper Counter.

Example, how counter look:

Free Adult Counter

• Sites summary (In VIEWs) for last 24 hours, 7 days, 5 weeks For Account

• VIEWS, UNIQUES and RETURNS (1st, 5min, Hour, Day, Week, Longer) For Account & for each of sites
      - LAST 10 YEARS
      - LAST 12 MONTHS
      - LAST 5 WEEKS
      - LAST 7 DAYS
      - LAST 24 HOURS

• REFERRER (Today, 7days) For Account & for each of sites
      - URL

SPECIAL1 - tracking of the domain-referrer directly from the page URL.
If you need track source of the your traffic little especially, you may insert the domain name of the traffic source directly to the URL and separate It via string "-_-". Counter will analyze URL of the page, and If will be referrer of the page empty, and the string "-_-" will be present in the URL, counter will insert the chars after the strings "-_-" to the database as the domain referrer (stats "referrer - DOMAIN").
For example you may have pages with this URLs:
With this feature you will see TrafficSource1-4 as the domain referrer in the your stats!

      - TOPFRAME

• SEARCH ENGINE (Today, 7days) For Account & for each of sites
      - NAME
      - KEYWORD (with keyword polarity (+/-/0))
      - KEYPHRASE (SE URL -> Keyphrases -> Target URL)

• SYSTEM INFO (Today, 7days) For Account & for each of sites
      - COLOR
      - PLATFORM
      - SCRIPT
      - USER AGENT

• FILE TYPEs (Today, 7days) For Account & for each of sites

• Referral system Your best site may claim listing in the our Ref. toplist

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